First, as you’ve probably guessed already, this blog is written by trained monkeys, not by trained medical professionals.  This is my outlet for self-expression, in which I attempt to educate and entertain (if I manage to write something funny, that is) by sharing our story. Nothing in this blog should be construed as medical advice. How can you even trust that I know what I am talking about, right? Please direct your medical questions about Diabetes or Celiac to appropriate medical professionals.

Second, this blog is public, and so are your comments. Please use common sense and sound judgment. If you are not comfortable sharing something with the whole internet, it is probably not a good idea to say it in a comment. However, please rest assured that if you give us your contact info we will not share it with anyone, nor will we ever attempt to sell your soul or exchange it for diabetes supplies.

Lastly, all content in this blog is copyright and subject to copyright protection. In other words,


Please do not reproduce anything without expressed written permission. This is not to be confused with sharing this blog with anyone you want to subject it to. We appreciate your help in spreading awareness about T1D and Celiac.

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