Why does it have to be so difficult?

I am referring to getting the right Rx for insulin. We are moving away from vials and syringes and starting to use insulin pens. They are a lot easier to use. We are also moving away from a fixed meal plan with insulin scale to a simple carb to insulin ratio system. This means that instead of having a set amount of carbs per each meal, V can have whatever number of carbs and use insulin to cover her meals and snacks. While this means more injections, it gives us a lot more flexibility and does not tie us to a rigid meal schedule. There have been times when I basically had to force-feed my child to get the minimum amount of carbs even though she was not hungry. And there have been times when our schedule is shot we just can’t do the meals when we are supposed to, which messes up her blood sugar. This new system is also a stepping stone to getting V ready for an insulin pump. We are all excite about starting it except there is a catch. We got a prescription for insulin cartriges for the new insulin pen that does half-units. Except the pharmacy somehow did not get it yesterday. Then we got notification this morning that Rx was ready. Good thing I called and checked what was ready – it was another vial. They keep filling the vial Rx even though I told them multiple times we do not need it. ┬áThen they tell me they cannot fulfill cartridges Rx because they were discontinued two years ago. Huh? I call the diabetes clinic and leave a message. No one calls back. I call again in the afternoon, leave another message. No one calls back. I finally have time to do a bit of research when I get home and sure enough cartridges are NOT discontinued. Call the pharmacy back and talk to the tech. About 45 minute later, they finally cancel vial Rx, confirm that they can indeed order cartridges and they are covered by insurance. Except they do not have the right Rx, as apparently the clinic sent Rx for the vial and not the cartridges. So I have to call the clinic again first thing tomorrow morning and ask them to send the right Rx. And then hope that it reaches the pharmacy safe and sound. I am meeting with the school nurse on Friday morning and I would really like to be able to bring her all of the supplies and discuss our new plan. Fingers crossed that this problem will be completely resolved by tomorrow evening.

Good thing I went for a run tonight. Pounding the pavement sure helps to release all of the pent-up frustration. Why does it have to be so difficult?