A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a lot of gratitude…

We’ve had a busy few weeks, little time to update. Today marks one month on the pump. Since then, we’ve had multiple check-ins with Pump nurses, several basal, correction and ratio changes, a couple of communication errors, one occlusion, numerous alarms, one bad skin irritation after pod removal, and one incident of the pod coming off of its adhesive and literally hanging to her body by only the cannula. These are all normal hiccups, however, and overall pumping made V’s life, and all of our lives, so much easier and more “normal”. For that we are grateful.

Then there was this really neat moment at The Trails Eatery restaurant a week ago. We ordered the food, V had her pump out and just finished checking BG. The server came up to us and said “Your food will be coming soon, but I noticed that she [my daughter] is diabetic. Does she need anything now?” That, I think, was amazing. We are so grateful for people who are kind and attentive to our daughter’s needs, while not making a big deal or spectacle out of it or freaking out. And, by the way, the GF cinnamon roll pancakes at this place are amazing. Hubby and I actually tried the regular version and we prefer GF hands down. If you are local to San Diego please patronize this wonderful restaurant. We are so lucky to have it right in our neighborhood.

Speaking of all things gluten-free… I remember how sometime last year I was complaining that it was so hard to find a pair of jeans for V that fit her right. If they fit over her waist, they would be way too long. She used to hate wearing jeans too, they always felt uncomfortable to her. Instead, she opted for stretchy pants and leggings. I haven’t tried to buy more jeans in a while, and she’d been wearing a few hand-me downs. However, a couple of weeks ago she fell on the rocks on the beach and got completely wet. We had to make an emergency trip to Old Navy where I, with some reluctance, picked up a pair of jeans in her size. They fit perfectly, and they were skinny jeans nonetheless. And then it dawned on me: the reason we could not find any jeans that fit her well was because she was so bloated. About a month after Celiac diagnosis and sticking to GF diet we noticed how her belly deflated to a normal size. That probably also helps to explain how, about a few months ago, V went from thinking jeans were evil to jeans being the best thing ever and she now loves wearing them. So as much as we dislike this GF business, we are grateful that V got diagnosed quickly and is now doing so much better because of it.

I think I’ll leave it on a positive note for now. You’re all lucky I was too tired to blog a few weeks ago, when I was in the throes of “I’m so done with this all” day  😉