The end of posting blitz…

…for now.

Today is last day of Diabetes Awareness Month. Wish I could say it’s the last day of diabetes. I hope you’ve become more aware. Unless of course you are living with diabetes, in which case you will remain as aware as ever. And if you were getting tired of diabetes posts every day, guess what? We are pretty tired of having to deal with it every day and we get to keep going after November is over.

I am pleased that I met my goal of posting every single day, even though there were a few close calls. Getting the app helped a lot. Hopefully this means that I will be posting here on more regular basis. There are still a couple of posts simmering in my head, needing to be written.

Thank you for reading, commenting, following this blog, and helping us spread awareness!

8 responses to “The end of posting blitz…

  1. Thanks so much for letting us parents know we are not alone, and doing it with a humorous nature! Can’t wait to read more, but for now, go take a breather 🙂


  2. I only managed to read a few of the posts but I thoroughly enjoyed them! I love your writing, Polina. And it goes without saying that it resonates! Sounds like you all are doing pretty well. 🙂


      • Good! My son just turned 18 and graduates in the spring. My plan of sending him off to college with an AP or hybrid AP did not come to fruition! When it was time to sign up for a new pump, he stayed with the Omnipod. I’m debating the merits of a gap year while he plunges ahead with plans. We’ll see what happens. A lot of discussion in the months ahead…

        I’m obviously not blogging these days. I’m been active on the local scene with T1D support and it carried into supporting and canvassing for a congressional candidate who advocated for Medicare for All. Sadly he lost but the advocacy continues!

        How is life for you? 🙂


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