T1D Adventures, Swim Team Edition

We hardly ever get weird/ignorant comments about diabetes, but I guess V’s number finally came up sometime in August. First, V almost got disqualified by an official for wearing a pod at a swim meet. According to the USA Swimming rules, swimmers cannot have anything attached to them. So one official took an issue with the pod on V’s arm. He first went to the coach, who tried to explain to him that it was an insulin pump. Then the coach had to pull V in, so that she could re-explain to the official what that thing attached to her arm was. The official asked if my daughter could take it off, to which she said “are you fucking kidding me” NO. He finally left her alone and let her swim.

I now have a screen cap of USA Swimming rules pertaining to swimwear saved in my phone. The rules do not forbid in any way, shape or form attachments of medical devices necessary for swimmer to, like, LIVE.  They are designed to prevent swimmers from wearing anything that would give them an advantage over others. I haven’t needed to throw the rulebook at any of the swim officials yet, but I’m prepared!

Then about a week after that meet, V was getting swim team photos taken. The photographer, upon noticing the pod on her arm, asker her if she wanted it to be photoshopped out. The conversation went something like this:

V: No, thank you.

Photographer: Are you sure?

V: Yes, it’s OK.

Photographer: Are you really sure? It’s bulky. I can photoshop it out for you.

V: No, it’s OK.

Photographer: I think your parents would want me to photoshop it out.

V: No, they are OK with it as is.

I was not around for either one of the events and only found out after the fact. But I am happy V advocated for herself, and I am even happier that she feels confident and not in the least self-conscious about her robot parts. Besides, if you ask me, I think the pod makes her look more badass. Or, I shall say diabadass!

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