Highabetic Rectosis

Back a few months ago, V was dealing with a lot of stubborn highs. Now, highs are no fun. V feels crappy, and hangry, and rageful. One evening, after trying to weather another episode of her 300+ BG-induced hungry rage, when she really wanted to eat something but would keep rejecting any and every carb-free or low-carb options in the utmost tantrumy fashion, I turned to internet for help. I posed a request to one of the diabetes Facebook groups I belong to: please help me find a new diabetes term of endearment that describes someone who has high BG, is really angry, emotionally volatile and unreasonable as a result, and really hungry on top of it. The community responded with great enthusiasm and some outstanding suggestions. The clear winner was highabetic rectosis: high blood sugar and acting like an asshole. I do realize the hunger is not clearly reflected in the term, but I embrace it nonetheless. And I’ve made a conscious effort to make the term a part of our diabetes vernacular, as well as expand on its meaning.

For example, highabetic rectosis can also mean T1D being an asshole and causing high BG to not budge. Usually at the most inopportune time, and despite our best efforts to beat it down.



Highabetic rectosis can alternatively be defined as feeling like ass when BG is high.



Highabetic rectosis can also mean that all low-carb and zero-carb foods taste like ass when BG is really high, because all that is desired is ALL THE CARBS!

And in yet another definition, and perhaps my favorite, highabetic rectosis means becoming a total wise ass when discussing high BG. Like when your daughter screen caps your text convo and adds this astute wise-ass comment:


2 responses to “Highabetic Rectosis

  1. This was hilarious! I mean, highabetic rectosis is simply not funny….but talking about it sure is!!
    I can’t wait to show the boys and my husband this. We will most definitely be adding this to the family vocab.
    And we too have had those conversations about “being high” in public places where people are listening in thinking 🤔 wtf? Lol
    Thanks for the laughs this morning- V, it most definitely is not only you “plunging” your way through highabetic rectosis!!

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