Sometimes they get it right!

As I was driving to work today, I was thinking of what to post about, feeling a bit intimidated about making 30 posts in a row. Then I thought it was silly. Diabetes makes itself known and present every single day of our lives. Surely an opportunity would present itself.

Indeed it did as soon as I opened my work email. In my inbox sat a monthly health and wellness newsletter. I don’t pay much attention to these newsletters, to be honest. I scrolled quickly and was about to hit delete. Then the headline of “diabetes month” caught my eye. So I decided to see what the article had to say. I braces myself for the worst. To my amazement, it launched into an explanation of T1 vs T2. And it described things scientifically but simply. And it talked about genetic predisposition for T2. And the tone was free of stigma and shame. And the links were pertinent, credible (ADA), and helpful.

We see so much misinformation out there and it was refreshing to see someone doing it right. Surely, I would rather them not open up with description of complications. And I’d prefer they mentioned insulin therapy and medication as important components of T2 treatment. But overall this was so much better than what I usually see, when T1 and T2 get lumped in together and there is an implication that diabetes can be cured with diet and exercise. I decided it was important to email my positive feedback:


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