Diabetes Awareness Month Blitz

Oh hi there! I’m still around. You know, still thinking about all the blog posts swirling in my head and not making it into actual blog posts. Too bad telepathy doesn’t work. But…

I’ve decided to try a reboot and what can be a better opportunity than now, during Diabetes Awareness Month? To this end I am going to post something every day. Now, now, lower your expectations. By “post” I mean it can be just a photo, or a meme or a quote. I do have more

substantial things to write about as well. And I also finally went ahead and downloaded the app so I can post from my phone. My old trusty Mac is getting older and slower and less trusty.

I look forward to getting back to blogging. I’ve missed it. If there’s anything you’d like me to write about, please let me know in comments. I may also have Vic do a guest post. She’s 13 now (!!!) after all. She reads this blog and she has every right to contribute to it. If there’s anything you’d like her to write about, or make a video of, also please let me know in comments.

I’ll leave you with a photos of kids’ Halloween candy loot. Many parents dread the post-Halloween overabundance of candy. We welcome it. I consider it replenishment of fast acting sugars stash. Though I am a little disappointed to not see many smarties there. Hmm. Also, note the photobomb of Dexcom sensor boxes on the couch. I’ll talk about our G6 experience in one of the posts.


5 responses to “Diabetes Awareness Month Blitz

    • Ha! My lovely daughter described to me in vivid detail the violent fate that awaits me shall I attempt to swipe her Reese’s. So, sorry. Shoulda put on a costume and earned your own 😆


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