Gluten-Free Expo, At Last!

And I’m doing my first ever giveaway! Just keep reading πŸ™‚

I’ve heard about various gluten-free expos. I’ve read other peoples’ experiences about attending. I was ware that there was at least one big expo right here were we live. I’ve been wanting to go for-freaking-ever, but something always came up. Not any more. Move over diabetes, I’m giving Celiac some well-deserved time in the spotlight.

Because really, sometimes Celiac is even more annoying than Diabetes. Yes, really. For example, V was going on a field trip to the ice-skating rink with her class a few weeks ago. Afterwards they were going to have pizza and snacks. My very first question was, could they get GF pizza for her? Because if they could not, V would have to bring her own lunch. Not fun. And traveling while maintaining a gluten-free diet can present another set of challenges. For starters, wherever we go, we have to stay in a place that has at least a fridge and microwave, so that we can either bring food with us or buy it at a store. Finding a restaurant with gluten-free options is not always possible, so we always have to be prepared to supply V’s food on our own.


No trip to Target is complete without stocking up on some of our GF favorites

Random fun fact #1: when we find some gluten-free products on sale, we buy them up in ridiculous quantities. Like this:


When our favorite GF bread is on sale…


Anyway, I’m really excited to finally attend a Gluten-Free expo here in San DiegoΒ on February 12-13. (Random fun fact #2: Gluten Free Media Group – the company that puts together the expos – is also the same company that’s behind Find Me Gluten Free app and website. This app is a life-saver for us when we are traveling and I’ve found amazing GF restaurants with its help.)

While I know of many GF products, there are many more that I’m not aware of, and I can’t wait to explore the wonderful GF world at the expo. I am going to be Β on a particular lookout for products that are GF AND diabetes-friendly. I’m also hoping to discover more local restaurants, stores, and other businesses that cater to Celiac community. And perhaps I can learn something new about GF living.

Want to join me at the expo? I have….DRUMROLL….a GIVEAWAY!

GF Expo Giveaway.jpg

I have five tickets that are good for FREE admission to one day of the event (Saturday 2/11 or Sunday 2/12). Comment on this post by Saturday 1/14/17 telling me what your favorite gluten-free product is and why you love it so. I will select five people randomly on Sunday 1/15/17.Β 




16 responses to “Gluten-Free Expo, At Last!

  1. Commenting here for Carina who tried but said her comment would not load. She said “I tried to comment directly on the blog Polina and it wouldn’t load. My favorite GF product is Glutino Multigrain or Seeded bread. Soft and stable enough to eat out of the bag.”


  2. My son aidan says his favorite is udis gluten free chocolate muffins because he thinks they taste just like the ones he ate before he knew he had Celiac disease.


  3. Ugh, I am with you on the T1, gf bandwagon. It sucks. My son got the triple dx (T1, celiac, hashimotos) back in 2012 when he was 3. Now he is 7 and he says his favorite gf product is “bread”. We get the UDIs white bread. He gets so excited to be able to have a sandwich like his siblings.


  4. Did my last comment not show up?? Trying again 😜 My T1 celiac is 7 and he says his favorite gf product is bread! Lol. He loves when he is able to have a sandwich like his siblings. We buy the UDIs white bread.


  5. My wife has Celiac and our 7 year Daughter has Celiac and T1D.
    Our Daughter was diagnosed last Christmas (2016)
    My wife lives on glutino vanilla cream cookies ($3.62 @ Walmart) and PJ tips tea.
    As for bread their favorite is Traders Joe’s GF whole grain bread…12 carbs a slice.


  6. My daughter Lindsey, a 19 yr old college student, has celiac disease. She likes Udi’s Gluten Free Frozen Pizza. It satisfies her pizza craving. Thank you for posting about the Expo – I hadn’t heard about it and would love to go!


  7. Thanks for sharing about the GF Expo. We have 1 Celiac & T1D so our house went GF. It can be expensive, especially when trying new food items only to want to toss it out! Tried many bread companies, before finding Udi.

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  8. Polina, Since I live in Indiana I would not attend even if I had 40 free tickets. I know though that people who do attend will love it. Now if you have tickets to the Indianapolis 500 to give away, I hope you will contact me straight up. Those I will gladly accept. Zoom Zoom

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  9. Hi Polina!
    I was hoping to meet you at the Gluten Free Expo this past weekend. I’d love to see if there is any way we can support you. Please feel free to check out my daughters’ healthy kids’ cooking show (gluten & dairy free!) on our blog at: We are local.
    It would be great to work together in some way.
    Thank you!
    All the best!


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