Fully Loaded

The holidays are here and we are ready to eat all the things! Tomorrow we are having a Christmukah Eve potluck with our friends. Sunday we are having Christmas Day potluck with the same group of friends. Because why have one holiday meal if you can have two?

Last night we had company over for dinner, which gave us a good opportunity to do a dry run of holidays diabetes management. In line with how we handled Thanksgiving dinner last year, I decided to be aggressive with insulin and rely on Dexcom to monitor trends. I eyeballed the meal, overestimated the carb count, gave V a generous amount of insulin upfront, and spread out the other half of the dose over three hours. She wanted more dessert and we said yes, and gave more insulin. “Mom, do you realize I already have 11 units onboard?” “Yep. Give yourself more!”

All evening V’s BG stayed in the 130-180 range, which is fantastic. She gave herself some insulin before bed, which brought her into a nice low 100’s range for the duration of the night. It was a thing of beauty. This weekend’s goal: replicate this as closely as possible.

It was time to change V’s pod tonight. I was about to fill it with around 170 units of insulin, which normally lasts for 3 days with some extra to spare. Then I remembered about all the eating that will happen this weekend. For the very first time in three years of pumping, I loaded V’s pod with 200 units, filling it to the maximum capacity. Pod is fully loaded and we are ready!


Wishing for good BG numbers this holiday weekend



3 responses to “Fully Loaded

  1. You know the tradition? Every time someone you love gets a 100 using the blood sugar meter you have to give them $1.00. The CGM does not count.

    In my 42 years I have made, well ok, my wife will not give me a dollar. But Karen at Bitter-Sweet told me her husband does and I think it is a great idea. Oh yes, it takes a photo of a personal witness, no cheating.


  2. That is fantastic!! I hope those calculations have continued to work out.

    My son’s insulin needs have changed as a result of all of the high carb eating. This also happens when we spend more than a weekend at my husband’s parents’ house. It doesn’t help when my hubby has adopted his mom’s tradition of making homemade toffee! Right now, we are at a 60% increased basal rate and it seems to be working. After chasing nighttime numbers every two hours (plus curbing the sudden drop from too much insulin on board at times) for days, I’m hoping for some stability. Thankfully, it’s coming. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


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