Diabetes Blog Week: Message Monday

Today we are kicking off another annual Diabetes Blog Week! Big thanks to Karen at Bitter~Sweet Diabetes for putting it together. This is how DBlog Week works (C&P from Karen’s post):
The main idea for Diabetes Blog Week is that bloggers sign up to post about a set topic each day for a week.  This way, readers can jump around the DBlog Community and get a big variety of different perspectives on a single topic.  The hope is that new DOC connections are made, and that our voices are raised to spread a little more diabetes awareness. 

You can preview all of the topics here and check a list of all participants here. I encourage you to check out other people’s blogs. There are lots of really awesome people with really great blogs out there.

Moving along, today’s topic is Message Monday. Lets kick off the week by talking about why we are here, in the diabetes blog space. What is the most important diabetes awareness message to you? Why is that message important for you, and what are you trying to accomplish by sharing it on your blog?

Your child just won a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and celiac. What are you going to do next?!

Forget about Disneyland. I’m starting a blog!

If you are old enough you may understand the reference.

I’ve been itching to start blogging as soon as V was diagnosed in May 2013. But I decided to wait until getting a conclusive diagnosis of celiac, which happened in August 2013. I had this blog’s name all figured out and some ideas of what to write about. As soon as celiac diagnosis became official, this blog was launched.

When I just started out, writing here was almost a necessity. More than anything, I needed a place for me to sort out my thoughts and feelings about our T1D and gluten-free life. I knew we were not alone in our lovely predicament and we connected with a number of local T1D families pretty quickly after diagnosis. However, I also earned to connect to more people, especially those dealing with both T1D and celiac. Blogging was one way to reach out to others.

Gradually, this blog also became a vehicle for spreading awareness and advocacy. By sharing our journey, I hope that more people learn about T1D and celiac, all of the good, bad and ugly that comes with living with it. And the more people are aware and understanding, the friendlier this world is for my daughter and her pancreas and gluten challenged counterparts.

As to the message, when I was thinking about writing this post I really struggled to identify something specific, aside from just being honest about our experience. But then I remembered something a nurse told us at the hospital on the day V was diagnosed: you have to figure out how to fit diabetes into your life, not the other vay around. This was probably the most important message we heard and it stuck with us. V’s diabetes (and celiac) management revolves around her life and her goals. We are determined to not let T1D or celiac stop V from living a normal life and doing what she loves.



14 responses to “Diabetes Blog Week: Message Monday

  1. I can’t remember if I’ve already commented and it just hasn’t popped up or not
    But I love that quote, and it’s very very true. I am also gluten intolerant and it’s so easy to feel like it’s all running your life. But that’s not the case, we run it 🙂

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