Random, with a chance of foul language

No, not T1D, though it can definitely be that way…

My hubby asked me the other day if I was running out of ideas for this blog. Nope, plenty of ideas, but little time or energy to organize them. But then I thought, why not use this post as a giant dump of all some things T1D and gluten-free that have been occupying my head space for a while? So her we go, in no particular order.

Parental distress and T1D

In regards to the findings of this research study, which was the topic of another Insulin Nation article (not written by me): no shit Sherlock, T1D parents are stressed out. I think healthcare professionals forget about it so much that we need to have research from Yale to show them that it’s a real thing. But some parents were up in arms about the 33.5% average of people who reported distress. Only 33.5%?!


An average can be rather useless. (Quick demo: you take a test and get a 10; I take same test and get a 90; our average is 50.) The researchers pulled and aggregated data from various studies that used widely different measurements of distress, from general parental distress to PTSD and clinical depression/anxiety. And the prevalence ranged from 10% to 74%. Most likely 74% reflects prevalence of more common and general distress, while the 10% is a figure more reflective of a clinical diagnosis. So the 33.5% means nothing, so let’s please not focus on it and instead focus on how to help T1D parents find the support they need, OK?

A recent gluten-free find that made me insanely happy:


Refrigerated cookies ready to bake. Take them out, lay them on a cookie sheet, bake for 12-15 minutes. Perfect, easy, and so unbelievably good. Available at our local supermarket.

I made them for our fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration.

IMG_2568 (1)

I was going to take better pictures of these beauties but by the time I got around to it they were all gone. Eaten. Devoured. I got to inhale a few crumbs. Also, I’m too lazy to get off my chair now to look in the freezer, where we have a small stash, and look up the carb count. It doesn’t matter anyway, they are carb-worthy.

(Speaking of things that are gone… Remember my love letter to Trader Joe’s meat sticks? They had issues with supplier and no longer carry them, and may never ever again carry them. Which makes me really sad. Good thing we have these wonderful cookies to cheer me up.)

When there is a real problem with the pump

Like, when you put more air than insulin in the pod, and the pod does not realize it, and it keeps thinking it’s delivering insulin whereas in reality it’s delivering insulin-flavored air, this happens:


Fortunately we caught on quickly enough and rectified the problem within hours. It involved changing the pod AND doing an old-school injection to speed up insulin delivery.

Ted Cruz, you are an asshole

And an ignorant one, at it. Let me be more specific: I am referring to his promise to remove gluten-free food from military, because it is just PC or a social experiment. Of course gluten-free is just a fad and the US military is trying to keep up with the Joneses. Headdesk. Facepalm. OMGWTFBBQ.



4 responses to “Random, with a chance of foul language

  1. Great post, Polina! Thanks for starting off my day with a laugh! I’m definitely with you about the Ted Cruz no GF food in the military comment. I had an interesting dialogue on a fellow D-Mom’s FB page with a woman who is familiar with military issues and thought people should keep the facts in mind — that a person with celiac cannot serve in the military anyway and later added that there are logistical issues to consider with these meals. The spirit of that ridiculous comment, however, was pretty straight forward! Wouldn’t it be more inspiring to proclaim from the campaign trail that we need to explore the issue of safely providing gluten-free meals in order to be more inclusive of those who require this diet? Inspiration versus ridicule… A face palm moment for sure!

    That graph was pretty striking! I hate it when air gets into these pods — or when boys wrestle and it get bumped, followed by a similar pattern… That happened yesterday and then lows followed until 12:30am and returned, again, throughout the night. Time to get a big cup of coffee.

    Sorry about those jerky sticks! And the cookies? That’s my kind of baking!!! I need to take notes.

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    • This was our first time with a true pump issue. Definitely user error – V was at her grandparents and changed pod on her own. She later told us she was running low on insulin, did not have the usual 150 units, so drew a bunch of air in as well. That explained a lot. I was a little surprised that the pod did not sense there was no more insulin in it. It was rather surreal when we were bolusing with abandon, she’d have nearly 10 units IOB, and playing Just Dance for 45 minutes, and BG is only climbing up or not budging much at all. But now we all know.

      Re: GF and military, I think it’s a bit more nuanced. If people are diagnosed while already in, they may or may not be able to stay. It definitely makes deployment difficult, if not impossible. So I think a lot depends on their position and individual circumstances. But like you said, regardless, why spew all this hate? As if GF food in the military is their biggest problem? Through what can we really expect from Ted Cruz? Messages of inclusion and inspiration, you say? HA. Nope.

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    • I could mail you one meat stick from our dwindling stash. But that would be a teaser without any hope. We found a possible substitute at a higher price, but it’s better than nothing. When our field testing is complete I will write about it more in-depth.


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