The Pain of Saying no to Ice Cream


I wrote another post for Insulin Nation and it was published recently. I wrote a response to Insulin Nation’s earlier article about a research study that looked at barriers to feeding young T1Ds a healthy diet. It really got me thinking and motivated me to ask my friends in the academia to get me the full text of the research study.

I opened up my post with a personal recollection of one of my most painful memories shortly after V’s T1D diagnosis. For better or worse, the opening story gave rise to a catchy title (created by Insulin Nation), one that compels people to respond before they read the actual article. It generated some strong opinions on the Insulin Nation Facebook page. (You have to scroll down to find the post with my article.) I find it fascinating that some people seem to think that handling treats is as simple as counting the carbs and giving the right amount of insulin. And maybe it’s that simple for adults, but I find the matter a lot more complicated with kids, especially with the younger ones. And I had already written about the fallacy of thinking that a person with type 1 diabetes can eat whatever they want. 

I’d love to know what you think. Here we go: The Pain of Saying No To Ice Cream

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