Riding on Inspiration

On Saturday, we left our kids on the mountain. They learned how to snowboard while hubs and I had lunch and went sledding, without a care in the world. Typically, an event like this would require one of us to stay with V, or at the very least be nearby and available to help at a moment’s notice with diabetes care. But this time both kids were in excellent hands, as they participated in a day camp ran by Riding on Insulin . At the end of the day we came back to camp base and had dinner with the entire group of campers, families, ROI staff and volunteers.


What an awesome day it was! ROI staff and volunteers took care of a million logistics, provided expert coaching, assisted with diabetes care, supplied lunch, snacks and dinner (including gluten-free food!), and ensured that every camper was well cared-for and had a great time.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

They are out there somewhere, falling a lot and having fun

They are out there somewhere, falling a lot and having fun

Of course there was the obvious: safety of leaving V in competent hands; giving her an opportunity to learn a new sport without worrying about diabetes; making new friends and bonding other Type 1 kids and adults. There was a bonus: siblings and friends were welcome to attend, so V’s brother participated as well.

And then there was inspiration. We spent a day around some real diabadasses and amazing Type 3s (friends and family members of Type 1s.) A few of them recently completed an Ironman. Imagine completing an Ironman with Type 1 diabetes! I can’t think of better role models for V – people who are healthy, athletic, happy, passionate and living life to the fullest.


Thank you ROI! We can’t wait to participate in more events with this amazing organization.

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