Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 30

And just like that, it’s come to an end. Today is last day of diabetes awareness month, last time I’m spamming you with a post a day until next year. I am running out of steam and have nothing deep and profound to write today. Except that I wish I could put away our diabetes awareness until next year. But alas, that pesky thing is here to stay. If you got sick and tired of reading about it, imagine how sick and tired we get living with it every day. So please do me one favor: do what you can to keep raising diabetes awareness beyond November. If you learned something new about diabetes by reading my blog, please share it with others. If you hear a friend or family member giving out inaccurate information, please correct them. And if you meet another person with diabetes, be it child or adult, Type 1 or Type 2, please be kind to them. In this world where diabetics are always the butt of a joke, we can always use more kindness and understanding.



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