Diabetes Awareness Week, Day 25

The fallacy of carb-free turkey?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how there may not be such a thing as carb-free turkey or steak. Basically, if you are going to eat a large portion of something that is high in fat, it will eventually metabolize as glucose. There is a particularly good piece on DiabetesMine about it. And Dr. Pettus talked about it at the TCOYD conference. And let me tell you, both of my kids can eat a hearty portion. So tomorrow I will conduct an experiment. I will not assume that turkey is carb-free. (Because you can be sure that it will involve a LOT of butter, so..umm..lots of fat. YUM.) I’m going to add some carbs to V’s bolus and see how the feast agrees with her. Heck, maybe I should assume that if she eats a metric ton of Brussel sprouts I should throw in a few carbs for them, too? And maybe  a couple of grams for deviled eggs? But excuse me, since when half a cup of mashed potatoes is 19 g? Isn’t it supposed to be 15 g.? Oh wait… There’s butter. Lots of butter. Better add those carbs in, I suppose… Hmm, I think tomorrow’s dinner will involve a lot of insulin.



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