Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 24

I left you with a teaser yesterday. Today I will finish the story.

V has been at her grandparents’ house for a few days because of Thanksgiving break. When she is there, she is essentially flying solo with our support. We dropped her off on Sunday night and talked about night-time management. The challenging thing is that V is a deep sleeper and in the past has always slept through every single Dexcom alarm and through our phone calls. I would have to call grandparents and have them wake V up if she needed to do something in the middle of the night. This time, we took Dexcom out of its case and put it in a glass. We also made sure that V’s ringer volume was all the way up and chose a ringtone that she felt would wake her. We left hoping that it was a better system of communicating that would give V more independence and remove some of the stress and night-time burden off of her grandparents.

I woke up several times in the middle of the night to check Dexcom app and things were looking pretty good. Then at 4:53 AM I woke up to low alarm. 4:53-effin’-AM. I sat up and hesitated. Did V hear it? Is she waking up now and about to call me? Dexcom was showing a 74, so it was no reason to panic. I decided to give her a few minutes first (and to give myself a few minutes to wake up, get the brain going, and sneak into the bathroom.) V never called, so I picked up the phone and called her. Would she hear it?

Ring, ring, ring…

V: (very sleepy) Hi Mom

YES! She heard the phone. Success.

Me: Hi baby, did you hear Deckie?

Her: No.

So much for all those hacks. The child still can’t hear Dexcom alarm. Ugh.

Me: I’m so sorry to wake you up. Deck says you are low.

Her: (still very sleepy) OK

Me: I need  you to test now.

Her: OK

And then there was silence. For a few seconds I wondered if V went back to sleep. But then I heard some rustling and the familiar sounds of lancing and beeps of the strip in the meter. Whew, she was awake and following the plan. While she was testing, I was mulling over options. Glucose tabs? Gel? Decrease temp basal or leave it alone?

V: It’s a false alarm. I’m 134.

Me: You are what?!?

V: I am 134.

Me: (OMGWTF!) OK, please calibrate Deckie and you can go back to sleep.


Because there is nothing more fun that waking up to a false low alarm at 4:53 AM. 


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