Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 7

Today we participated in JDRF One Walk to raise money for T1D research. Of course everyone’s hope is that there will be a cure for T1D. Me, I’m not holding my breath and I explained earlier why I am not dreaming of a cure. However, I still think fundraising for JDRF is important. JDRF helps fund different research projects focused on improving therapies and technologies, and many of these studies are very promising and exciting. Besides funding research, JDRF has been a great source of support for us from day 1. At the hospital, we received the bag of hope full of useful information. A few days after V’s discharge, a mentor reached out to us, provided support and connected us to other local T1D families. We’ve attended parent coffee gatherings and family get-togethers organized and sponsored by JDRF. We are deeply grateful to JDRF for everything they have done for T1D individuals and families. And who knows, one day there may be a cure. Today, we walked for hope a better future for all T1Ds.



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