Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 5

T1D is expensive.

For example, today I spent $72 on meat sticks. Yes you read it right. It’s quite simple, actually. There are 24 sticks in a box. Each stick is $1. I bought three boxes of these guys.


We love them. We really really love them. I was actually going to write an ode to these meat sticks. I’m totally serious. According to my notes, these lines were going to make the cut:

“Many months ago we got you in our sight
And it was love from the very first bite”

“With light peppery spark and a meaty heart”

“With only two carbs
You pose no BG harm”

Aren’t you glad I didn’t have enough time or energy to actually put the ode together?

Seriously though, finding good carb-free snacks on the go can be challenging. String cheese can get old really fast and it needs to be kept cold. Veggies are great but usually need to be washed and cut, and also kept cold. You can only have a quarter cup of nuts or else you have to cover them with insulin. And I am not running around with a hard-boiled egg in V’s diabetes kit, thankyouverymuch.

So, these meat sticks are the best diabetes snack ever. They are carb-free (only 2 g. is as goos as zero grams.) They are gluten-free. (Many other meat sticks are not!) They are individually packaged, grab-and-go, do not need refrigeration, and are super easy to travel with. They are full or protein, which helps to sustain energy and blood sugars. They are only $1 and sold at Trader Joe’s, where we shop weekly anyway. And they taste so damn good! Our entire household loves them, but especially for V these are golden.

They disappeared from Trader Joe’s for a number of months some time ago because there was some issue with a supplier. Now that they are back in stock I am paranoid that TJ will run out of them or they will be discontinued, so I kind of hoard them. That explains three boxes. Trust me, we will eat through them quickly.

What are some of your favorite grab-and-go carb-free snacks?


One response to “Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 5

  1. I will try these! We tried a nice-looking kind, I think from Vermont or a similarly outdoorsy, wholesome state, that are sold at the checkouts at Whole Foods. They were not a hit. I’ve not tried meat sticks since.

    I have zero snack ideas to share.


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