Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 4

One of the great things about being part of Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is that I get to meet lots of really awesome T1D adults. Adults living with T1D give us a window into what V’s future may be like. They give us hope, inspiration and reassurance that people can and do live well with T1D.

Today, let me introduce you to one of these awesome adult T1Ds. Meet Heidi. She is a real diabadass because just a couple of days ago she ran the New York City Marathon. Now, completing a marathon is no easy task. I should know because I’ve done four of them. And, coincidentally, I ran the New York City Marathon last year.  (And I’m going to take this opportunity to insert a gratuitous photo of me at the NYC Marathon.)


Completing a marathon with T1D is exponentially more difficult. Mad props to Heidi for sticking with her training, figuring it all out, and running a strong race. Maybe one day V and I will run a marathon together?


After our 4th of July beach run


One response to “Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 4

  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout! It seems like you and V have a great time staying active together, and that’s so amazing. I do hope you run a marathon together one day. How special would that be?? 🙂

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