Diabetes Encounter in the Wild

We are standing in line at our local BBQ joint, figuring out how many platters of ribs we should order to satisfy the gang and how many gazillion carbs to bolus V for. I pull out her Dexcom that displays a perfect 100. “Look at what we are about to ruin!” – I announce to my family.

“Hey!” I turn around and a stranger right behind us in line is waiving his Dexcom at us! His is showing 99 and going up.

It’s amazing how upon encountering another fellow T1 there is this instant bond. We are in it together. We speak the same language. We talk about the awesomeness that is Dexcom. V shows him off her new Medical ID bracelet and the guy pulls out his Medical ID necklace to show V. He tells her how they are twins, given that they are only 1 point apart. We wonder how many carbs we have to bolus for. (Gazillion, we all agree.) My hubby remarks how he’s never seen another T1 without a bag full of supplies. “I got it all right here!” – the guy’s partner chimes in, pointing to her purse. The guy talks a little bit about living with T1 for 36 years, how he has been living well with it, and how he prefers to stay old school with the shots and no pump.

For a few brief minutes, until it’s our turn to order the food and move on, we are family. I really love these random diabetes encounters. What are the odd that in a big restaurant in a big city a random person behind you also has T1D? And that they have nearly identical reading on their Dexcom? Maybe it only makes sense if you are living this T1D life, but it’s these little random things that put a smile on my face. And it totally makes me feel like this:

Image credit: yadadarcyyada.com

Image credit: yadadarcyyada.com


3 responses to “Diabetes Encounter in the Wild

  1. Love this! I totally agree that it’s always such a special experience and makes me feel bonded to a total stranger! And it’s so much better than the people who look horrified as I’m about to stick my toddler with a needle. 😉

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