Product Review: Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts

Disclosure: I received complimentary frozen desserts for review. All opinions are my own.

Ice-cream is our frenemy. It tastes so good, especially on a warm summer day. V loves it. There are many gluten-free varieties and it’s a dessert we can say “yes” to. And yet, ice-cream is rather evil. It may be Celiac friendly but it is definitely not diabetes friendly. We carefully weigh and measure it, give the correct bolus, extend the bolus, give extra insulin, but no matter what we do it always wins. Invariably, V’s BG goes up and stays high. Since oftentimes V likes to have ice-cream after dinner, we end up correcting highs in the middle of the night.

Sugar-free ice-cream, you say? Thanks but no thanks. We try to avoid sugar substitutes in our household. While we allow V to have a diet beverage when we are eating out, we don’t keep any diet products at our home. But it is possible to have your ice-cream and eat it too, so to speak?

Arctic Zero makes it possible! It is a local company making low-glycemic frozen dessert treats. They use non-GMO, real ingredients without diet products nonsense. It is free of several other things: lactose-free, fat-free and gluten-free. When I see all this “free” labeling, I wonder right away if it is also taste-free, so we were really excited to sample some of the desserts and see for ourselves.

We received a six-pack of pints: orange cream, simply strawberry, cool mint chip, buttery pecan, vanilla maple and cookie shake. V immediately tore into the cookie shake pint. It’s been two years since she was able to have that flavor and yes, Arctic Zero has a gluten-free version of it. She loved it. Over the course of a couple of weeks we slowly ate through all the flavors. V loved all of them except for orange cream. Interestingly, orange cream was my favorite, along with simply strawberry and cool mint chip.

If you are expecting a true ice-cream substitute, you may be disappointed. Arctic Zero has a consistency and texture that is more similar to sorbet, and is also a little frothy when melted. I personally am not a big fan of the frothiness, but in fruit flavor desserts it did not bother me. In other flavors, I found the texture to be a turn-off. V did not seem to care one bit about texture, and no one minded less sweetness. The only reason V did not like orange cream flavor was because to her it tasted like “orange peels”, which is her complaint about all orange-flavored ice-creams. All the other desserts were a huge hit.



V is smiling for two reasons. First, yummy! Second, she got a full cup of ice-cream. Normally, she gets only half a cup, as regular ice-cream averages 25g of carbs per half a cup. And it’s enough to wreak havoc with her BG. Average sorbet has close to 30g of carbs per half a cup. Arctic Frozen desserts are only 7-10g of carbs per half a cup, so we felt OK saying yes to a full cup. And guess what? Her BG was a beauty.

BG of 90 after ice-cream? Yes, it is possible!

BG of 90 after ice-cream? Yes, it is possible!

You may be wondering about how expensive this product is, since is full of so many magical ingredients. I wondered the same thing. You can buy a 6-pack directly from website and it will arrive to your doorstep lovingly packed in dry ice, for a cool price of $46.02 including delivery. That’s about $7.66 per pint, not cheap. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to find it in a local supermarket, although flavor options may be very limited. On the website, you can plug in your zip code and it will tell you if any nearby stores carry it. There are several stores around us that cary Arctic Zero. I stopped at one that is closest to us, and it tends to run on a more expensive side, and the pints there were selling for $5.29, on par with other brands of ice-cream. Now, it is still rather pricey, and honestly who buys pints for a family? However, as a special treat I think it is reasonable, and we are happy to have found a diabetes-friendly frozen treat option. It may not be a true ice-cream substitute, but it is good enough.

One response to “Product Review: Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts

  1. We like Arctic Dream too! Vanilla Maple was a favorite. The strawberry one I liked too. We can get it at Whole Foods. It is often on sale.

    I like that they sort of assume you’re gonna eat the whole thing. We ate it in 1/4 cup increments as a freebie.


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