Dead to us: burger buns.

Thank you, Celiac! No really, I say this without sarcasm. (Believe it or not, sometimes I am actually capable of saying things without sarcasm.) If it weren’t for V’s Celiac, I don’t know we’d ever try lettuce wraps. I know some people have lettuce wraps to cut down on carbs but we tried them out of necessity, as most burger joints do not have gluten-free buns. It started with a family dinner at In-n-Out, where we tried lettuce-wrapped burgers for the first time out of consideration for V, so that she would not feel bad watching us devour a burger on a bun as she ate hers without a bun. I bit into that lettuce wrap expecting to miss the bread but all of a sudden, BAM! Magic happened. I could taste the meat and the cheese and the sauce and even the fries so much more intensely. It was so, so good, ridiculously good. Drool-worthy good. Finger-licking good. I’d say bolus-worthy good, but in the absence of a bun there was nothing to bolus for! That day my life was changed forever. (OK, I’m using a hyperbole here, but still…) I remember eating a burger with a GF bun at a later time at it just did not taste the same. The bread was too dense, and it was all too much, and got in the way of taste. That was the last time I had burger on a bun and I never looked back. Nowadays, I always choose to get a lettuce wrapped burger, even if V is not around. Interestingly, the entire family came to embrace lettuce wraps for the sake of taste. Yes, even my 7 year old prefers lettuce wraps now. Who knew?

Behold our Memorial Day dinner. Jealous? You should be. You are looking at a lettuce-wrapped grilled cheeseburger, made from scratch and with love by hubs, using hand-massaged ground beef. To satisfy the potato fix, next to the burger is a mix of home-baked sweet potato and regular fries, acquired frozen at Costco and Trader Joe’s, respectively. Peaking from behind the fries are roasted Brussel sprouts, cooked in a sauce of olive oil, salt, Sriracha and a touch of honey. (Note to self: next time add more Sriracha for the optimal burn.) A couple of little pickles on the side tie the whole meal together. Total carb count depends on the amount of fries, with 3 oz  = 22 g. Everything else is zero carbs. Wine is of course for grown-ups only, so we are not counting the carbs for it, thankyouverymuch 🙂 This is our T1D and gluten-free life. Not bad, not bad at all…


2 responses to “Dead to us: burger buns.

  1. So true! I agree on the lettuce wraps. I wish my son w diabetes did—-he likes a gf bun or just NO BUN, burger looking so naked there with no jacket.

    Your plate, as pictured here, is EXACTLY what I want.


    • So, my silly 7-year old pulled all the lettuce from the burger, ate the lettuce first and by itself (although he may have dipped it in ketchup), and then ate the rest of the naked burger. It was hilarious but he rather enjoyed himself.


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