Second Diaversary

Diaversary: an anniversary of diabetes diagnosis. We need this anniversary like we need a hole in our heads. Yet, here it is, like it or not, so we may as well mark the occasion with all the fanfare we can muster.

Two years ago, May 22, 2013, our life was suddenly turned upside down. We went to a scheduled well-child appointment, oblivious to all signs and symptoms of T1D, and ended up in the hospital. I think that counts as a bad day, right?

Things were crazy and new and overwhelming at first. Two years later we are old hats at beating diabetes into submission. Granted, we don’t always succeed, but we are not doing too shabby, if I may say so myself.

This morning I made a lame attempt at whipped cream art to kick off the festivities.


It’s supposed to look like “No T1D” sign. Instead it looks more like abstract art. OK, you can stop laughing now. Hey, in my defense, this was before I had my coffee. V appreciated the effort and I will keep my day job.

Then I dared V to do this stint at school: stick a syringe into her gluten-free lasagna entree and sing “Diabetes you suck” to the tune of Happy Birthday song. She accepted the challenge. Our wonderful school nurse documented the occasion.


She also gave V this lovely card:


Our school nurse is the best, hands down!

And then for dinner we headed to one of our favorite restaurants so that V could feast on scrumptious gluten-free cinnamon roll pancakes. With bacon, of course (not pictured.)


This is definitely bolus-worthy. How many carbs did I guess for this carby, sugary beauty? 100! Gave 10 extra for a glass of milk, resulting in a largest single bolus in two years.

Best part? We were totally prepared to battle high BG. After we got home V played outside with her brother and next-door neighbor and did some running around. Two and a half hours after dinner she tested: 111! Who knows how the night will go, it’s quite possible that the high will catch up with us, but at least for one brief moment diabetes gods smiled at us and gave us a reprieve. We’ll take any reprieve we can get.

F**k off diabeetus! We live well and we will continue to beat you into submission one bolus at a time.

8 responses to “Second Diaversary

    • We are so incredibly lucky. She is a fantastic nurse and a wonderful person. She’s become V’s friend and mentor and we appreciate her more than words can ever express.


  1. Happy diaversary, V! I think its definitely worth celebrating, and definitely bolus-worthy. Seems like you have a very supportive school too 🙂


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