Diabetes Blog Week Friday: Foods

Write a post documenting what you eat in a day!  Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever.  Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way. 

The last few posts were heavy on deep thoughts. Screw that. Let’s eat!

I took notes and pictures all day Tuesday to document one of our typical days. Without further ado, here is a glimpse into our everyday T1D and gluten-free eating.

On Tuesday V asked for cereal for breakfast. Panda Puffs is currently her favorite, and it’s not too terribly sugary as far as cereals go. She got two servings (1.5 cups total) for 46 g. plus one cup of milk for 11 g., for the total carb count of 57 g.


By the way, weighing cereal is definitely the way to go. Much easier and more accurate than measuring it.

Her school lunch box is next. It’s often a sandwich with a few different sides/snacks, always including a couple of carb-free options. Here we have a turkey and cheese sandwich with The Essential Baking Company GF bread for 20 g., yogurt for 20 g., and 1/2 cup of strawberries for 5 g. Sting cheese and a handful of almonds are “free”. We always itemize V’s lunch so that she can pick and choose what to eat when.


Our family meals are always gluten-free. Since both my husband and I work outside of home and kids have a bunch of after-school activities, we rarely have the luxury of having much time to prepare a meal after work. However, eating gluten-free means that we have to cook more and rely less on prepared or processed foods. That’s great for our health but can be stressful and challenging. We have to find recipes that allow us to make quick meals from scratch or from semi-prepared foods. It also really got me into crockpot cooking, because there is nothing better than food cooking itself and a hot meal waiting for you when you get home. That night, we had Sloppy Joe’s on the menu. (Another thing that makes our lives easier is making a menu for lunches and dinners every week, so we shop and prepare ahead.) I used this recipe from Udi’s with a couple of minor modifications. I used ground beef only because that’s what we had, although last time I used a combo of ground beef and pork sausage and it was really good. We do not like the taste of food that’s cooked with fresh onions in the crockpot, so I only used onion powder. I also ran out of chili powder so I used some cajun seasoning instead. And I added a bit of chili sauce for good measure. It turned out finger-licking good!


Between brown sugar, tomato paste and tomato sauce, the total carb count for the entire crockpot of Sloppy Joe’s was 109 g. Since I used 4 lbs of meat and made a LOT of servings (hurray for leftovers!),  we SWAGed each generous serving at  about 10 g.  Udi’s gluten-free burger bun is 32 g. Not too shabby for a really filling meal! Ideally I try to have a veggie side or a salad, but that particular day we were in a rush to get to BMX racing, so our dinner was exactly as pictured. For the record, no one complained 😉

Last but not least, here are the snacks that I took for V to BMX: Gatorade to keep the lows at bay, Peanut Butter perfect bar for a hearty snack (way easier than making a PB&J sandwich), string cheese for a carb free snack, and Gratify gluten-free pretzels. One neat thing about these pretzels, besides the fact that they taste great, is that a serving size of 23 pretzels is 22 g. of carbs. Quick and easy math tells us that it’s about 1 g. carbs per pretzel.  It makes it so easy to bolus for them – no need to weigh or measure, just count how many you want to eat and bolus.


In case you are wondering, aside from pretzels that we buy on Amazon, everything else came from either Costco or Trader Joe’s.


6 responses to “Diabetes Blog Week Friday: Foods

  1. All sounds great! Especially the sloppy joe… we have been doing that in the crockpot more often lately, and instead of doing buns we’ve been doing the “dip” style with blue/white tortilla chips. At first, I was hesitant but it turned out better than I thought! And yes, we love doing the crockpot stuff. Thanks for sharing these.


    • Ohh I love the dip style, or over rice or quinoa. But kids love the buns. I think the main appeal to buns is that they fall apart in minutes, and everything becomes one delicious mess which they still try to eat with hands. Ahh, kids… 🙂


  2. I just found out one of my friends goes to Costco monthly—there isn’t one near here—I am going to see if she will get me your peanut butter bars. And I will definitely try your Udi’s sloppy joe recipe! Thanks!


    • The ones from Costco come in a 12-pack of three different varieties: peanut, almond and cranberry crunch. We love them all. You can buy them on Amazon too but they are definitely a lot cheaper at Costco. I can’t imagine not having a Costco nearby!


  3. Your meals look fantastic! Definitely agree about weighing the cereal – its much easier to stick to the serving size and you know how much insulin to give each day. The sandwich bread looks similar to the brand I use here in Australia called Burgen. Low GI with lots of seeds and grains and there’s a GF range too. Very lucky to have so many creative bread varieties out there today!


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