T1D has a funny way of wishing a Happy Birthday

I need to be getting to bed now. It’s getting late, I’m really tired, it’s been a long day. But instead I’m going to stay up a little longer and monitor V to try to get her blood sugar into a more reasonable range, hopefully without it crashing in the middle of the night.

It’s V’s Birthday today. Our little girl turned 10! I want to spend the time writing about how amazing she is and how we enjoy having her around. Instead, I’m here venting, because it has been one hell of a week.

The stubborn highs that we experienced last week went into high gear (pun intended). Perhaps V is going through a major growth spurt. Maybe some hormones are starting to brew. Maybe Mercury is in retrograde. Who knows… All I can tell you is that we cannot beat BG down no matter what we do. Except occasionally we nail it briefly and then it dives. Then in shoots back up. We’ve changed pump settings, increased things methodically, increased things haphazardly, nearly doubled her daily insulin dosage, and we are still no where near getting a handle on things. Something changed. We can no longer explain all this by recent illness, or change in routine, or possible miscalculation of carbs, or anything else. It has been a frustrating, time consuming, exhausting, maddening, baffling, life-interrupting, sucking the life out of you kind of week. The week when you do everything right and yet everything still goes wrong. The week when you throw all your energy and effort at a problem and it keeps getting worse instead of getting better. The week that beats you down and completely drains you.

Today was a pretty regular day for V. She spent the day at her grandparents’. We stayed in touch every couple of hours during the day. She tested, bolused, made adjustments as need. She ate normally during the day. We got together for a family dinner in the evening and aside form “splurging” on about 40g for B-day cake, dinner was fairly low-carb. This is the day she had today:


T1D, today – and this week – you win. We lose.

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