Murphy never sleeps

How is it that things happen all at once and at the most inopportune times? First, Dexcom CGM sensor started giving up the ghost a few days ago after a few ??? messages, inaccurate readings and a couple of false lows around 5-6 AM. I do NOT like it when Dexcom is yelling at us that V is under 75 when she is actually 96. Especially when it’s at the butt crack of dawn. Then, after  nearly a week of dealing with more lows than highs, the morning CGM sensor died V tested over 300 before lunchtime, completely out of the blue. And of course we did not have time to change the CGM sensor that morning, so we could not tell which way the wind was blowing because while the sensor was still attached to V it was no use to us. Except it spontaneously resurrected itself a bit later, only to sing us “You are high” tune. Whatever, we knew it already. Rage bolusing and increasing temp basal by 60-70% only helped to bring BG into mid-200’s.

To add insult to injury, the day the sensor died was the day of eating ALL the carbs. We started with a Birthday party for V’s friend late morning, proceeding to a tea party at her piano teacher’s studio in the afternoon, and finished up with a Birthday dinner for V’s grandmother. We stayed reasonable, but you can only stay reasonable to a point when you are at parties. Carbs were eaten; BG refused to budge. After waking up to bolus at 2 AM, we finally beat BG into submission by the following morning. However, things are still not quite where we want them to be.

Ahh, diabeetus…


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