Awareness Project, Day 6

Remember how I thought it would be a tough sell to convince my husband to poke me in the middle of the night? He actually agreed. Except it went something like this:

10 PM: V’s Dexcom alarms, she is high, in the mid 200’s. I go and bolus her.

11 PM: Dexcom alarms, she is still high, still in the mid 200’s. I go and bolus her, AGAIN.

12:30 AM: Dexcom alarms as I’m finally getting to sleep. She is still high, still in the mid 200’s. She has a lot of insulin on board and is finally trending down so I shut Dexcom up and go back to bed, hoping that we can all get to sleep.

2:30 AM: WRONG. Dexcom alarms again. She is high, AGAIN. I get up and test her, AGAIN. 282 is not a number I am willing to put up with so I bolus her, AGAIN. Can we please get to sleep now?

I finally crashed. I know my husband had to get up a few times to check on V and/or shut up Dexcom but I effectively slept through it all. At around 6:30 AM I hear a quiet commotion by my bedside. I partially open one of my eyes and see my dear husband opening the meter case. He decided to make good on his promise and test me. But dude, 6:30 AM is not middle of the night. It is already light, it’s about the time I usually wake up in the morning, so the chances of me not hearing you are slim to none. I open my eyes fully, tell him he’s busted, and order him to get back to bed so that we can get a bit more sleep. Fail. He says he will try again tonight.

Today I tried V’s lancing device and it is indeed much gentler. She says she barely feels it and for that I am thankful. She also tested my BG today and did a good job with that. And she helped me with the last pod change. She’s happy being able to do to me what I have to do to her. Still it feels a little awkward pretending that I have T1D. My BG continues to be very boring, while hers is…


Feeling high, feeling low


Weird high day today. Can't seem to beat BG into submission no matter how hard we try.

Weird high day today. Can’t seem to beat BG into submission no matter how hard we try.

We stayed home today, as I am recovering from a cold, V’s brother is recovering from a nasty asthma episode, and V herself has sore throat on and off (which could explain the high BG, actually.) I did have to run a quick errand and instead of taking a small purse I had to drag with me the big fat bag with all the supplies. Because when you have diabetes you can’t leave home without those supplies.

Time has flown by. Tomorrow is the last day of my project. I think there is a part of me that does not want to let go. As much as I may be annoyed and inconvenienced by it, I’m starting to get used to the routine. I’m used to wearing gadgets and people asking what they are. I have my “elevator” speech well-practiced by now. I’m even starting to get used to carb counting and staying within a daily carb range.

My hope is that tomorrow everyone will be feeling well so that we can be out and about, including going to a restaurant to eat. I also plan to interview V about her experience with and thoughts/reactions about this project. If you have any questions you would like me to ask her, please put it in the comments.



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