Awareness Project, Day 5

If I won’t have lost a pound or two at the end of this project, I will not be amused.

I am still finding that pricking my finger is a deterrent to eating. I’ve gotten over the pain by now. The crappy, free give-away lancing device I have is not gentle on my fingers, but it’s really not so bad. I should try V’s device and see how it compares. Regardless, it’s the inconvenience of having to test that shuts my mouth. Who knew? I always bring no-carb snacks with me but I’m finding it difficult. I think finally I am tapping a little more into V’s struggles. While we’ve found a few good zero-carb snacks, having a variety of them is still challenging. There is so much cheese and nuts I can take. There is so much cold cuts that I want to snack on. I love eggs, but I already have an egg for breakfast almost every day. If I consume any more eggs I fear I will start laying them myself. As much as I love veggies, I personally don’t enjoy munching on them with the exception of carrots, and those are not exactly carb-free. V is actually ahead of me in this – she’ll happily take bell peppers and celery with some ranch sauce. Me, I prefer hunger.

So, instead of going for a sensible low-carb snack, I just skip it altogether because I do not want to be bothered to check my BG again. Work has been really busy lately, so I do not want to take a minute (!) of my time to test. It’s so absurd and yet it feels to me like I’ll be sucked into the eternity of time if I open up that meter case. I can’t imagine how annoyed I would be if I HAD to check BG in-between meals. I am getting closer to understanding how annoying it may feel for V to have to interrupt her play and other activities to test, let alone treat a low or correct a high. I hate how for her it’s the new normal. I think we both may prefer an alternative normal šŸ˜‰

Diabetes continues to stay in the forefront of my project, always on my mind. I think I’m starting to look like this:


Cartoon by Haidee Merritt

Surprisingly, I do not miss gluten all that much. I am realizing that it’s not gluten-containing foods per se, as I’m fairly content to get by without them. It is about the limited options and additional burden gluten-free diet creates. I brought my lunch with me every day to work this week. Normally I will buy lunch once or maybe twice a week. However, there are no gluten-free options near my offices, so I have to bring my own food. V is in the same predicament in school. She used to love eating in school cafeteria. While we generally limited it to once a week, she would go on different days and sample different things from the menu. She still goes to the cafeteria once a week but now it’s more of a break for us than a treat for her. The options that the school is able to offer her are lame: chicken drumstick in a corn tortilla, or turkey sandwich in a corn tortilla, or sunflower butter and jelly sandwich in…you guessed it…a corn tortilla. About that last choice,

As this day is wrapping up, I have one thing left on my agenda – to convince my husband to wake up in the middle of the night to test my BG while I am asleep, making every effort to not wake me up. I pitched it to him yesterday but he was not so keen on the idea. Something is telling me it will be a tough sell…

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