Awareness Project, Day 4

Today’s recap will be brief. This morning I was going to take T1D on the run, literally. However, I woke up with sore throat, congestion and feeling icky. To add insult to injury, my back started spasming in the shower. It actually made me think of how, if I were T1D, it would be really stupid of me to get up feeling sick and yet jump in the shower without checking BG first. And then I thought that I would perhaps need to “adjust” my temp basal.

When I got out of the shower I told V that I was not feeling well. She immediately pointed out that my blood sugar may be higher. “I’m on it, baby. I’ve ‘increased’ my temp basal already.”

My son decided to get in the game as well. He spent the morning walking around with an empty PDM case and “bolusing” himself. (Although, come on kid, I have to deal with V’s T1D, and now I have to check myself, so the last thing I want to do is figure out carbs for your breakfast. OK, OK, it’s 42. Now “bolus” and eat please!) A couple of nights ago he actually insisted I test his BG. When we first tried testing him about a year ago, he was completely freaked out. I guess he got used to the idea and things went smoothly. He was 105 half an hour after dessert. So far, still only one T1D kid here, whew.

I tried to take it easy and rest. Totally SWAGed my lunch. Thank you Udi’s for making really good gluten free bread, by the way.


A giant bowl of chicken soup with rice, potatoes and veggies. Maybe about 20g?

Then V crashed in the middle of the day, for no apparent reason, and reached a new Dexcom low. Literally.


I was not really worried, she was at a solid 65 just a couple of minutes prior and had already had some sugar because we saw that she was dropping. We knew it was a matter of Dexcom catching up. Still, I consider it to be an interesting development.

Maybe it’a low kind of day today? I recorded a personal low for myself – 88. Yep, boooooring.

With that, I’m going to bolus for a few dark chocolate squares and a gluten free Girl Scout cookie, have some tea and call it a night.

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