Awareness Project, Day 2

I am getting better at avoiding the walls. I did particularly well at work but I am still really klutzy at home. All of my devices are still attached.

Why isn’t anyone at work asking me about T1D or Celiac beyond the “what’s this?” when they see my pod and CGM? I was certain it would invite more questions and discussions. Clearly my expectations were way off. What does it take to start a good discussion? I have not had a chance to check my BG in the open but tomorrow I may be able to. I am curious to see what reaction I will get and if it will generate any more questions.

I’m still avoiding eating when it is inconvenient to test BG. I love eating and I do not like being hungry, and yet I choose to be hungry when I can’t be bothered to prick my finger. Go figure.

All-in-all the T1D part of my experience was pretty uneventful today. However, Celiac took a surprising spotlight. Once in a while, maybe once a month, we get a free lunch at the office where I work on Tuesdays. Lunch may be provided any day of the week, and we do not know ahead of time, we get an email about it the morning it is scheduled. It’s usually a nice treat, I love food, and I especially love free food. Guess what was the first email I read this morning when I came to work? Yup. We were getting a free lunch. Of all the days it had to happen today, on the one day of the week I am in that particular office, and of course it’s a day when I have to keep strict gluten-free diet. Was it Karma or perfect opportunity? I do not know but it made me laugh.

I brought my food with me and I was determined to stick with it but I still wondered what the lunch would be. Sometimes it’s not even anything I like. Also, most of the time salad is provided and I thought that at least I’d be able to grab a plate of salad. And guess what? It was Italian food. Pasta, bread, and salad full of croutons. In other words, scrumptious gluten fest. Even if I decided to break all the rules and bolus for a million carbs, I could not touch any of it because it was all gluten. I laughed and laughed and laughed. If I wanted to have a glimpse of my daughter’s life, I was definitely getting it today. Suck it up, buttercup, and say no to gluten.

This is what I could have had for lunch:


Gluten, gluten and more gluten. Delicious, mouth-watering, drool-worthy gluten.

And this is what I actually ate for lunch:

Rather pathetic looking, right? It actually tasted pretty good. Trader Joe's makes some mean frozen entries. But still...

Rather pathetic looking, right? It actually tasted pretty good. Trader Joe’s makes some mean frozen entries. But still…

When I got home, I told V what happened and showed her the pictures. She was delighted and I am still laughing.

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