Awareness Project, Day 1

Diabetes is inconvenient and annoying and I do not like it. The novelty wore off in, like, half an hour.

Disclosure: I am grumpy. I had a long day at work and our son has been sick with really bad asthma. It has been a stressful day. “Living” the T1D life did not help.

I am going to write a recap in bullet points because I am very tired. And stressed. And grumpy. So here goes:

-Apparently I cannot walk in a straight line. I clipped every single wall with either CGM or the pod. I did it repeatedly. I also keep struggling to get the purse handles over my shoulder because it gets stuck on the pod and I keep forgetting that I am wearing a pod. I am amazed I have not ripped anything off yet.

-Upon seeing my bionic parts people asked either “What is that?” or “What happened?” Upon hearing my explanation, most were really supportive. One gave me a puzzled look – not disapproving, just puzzled. No one asked me more questions, which was rather disappointing.

-Having to check my own BG and count my own carbs in addition to helping my daughter is way too much multitasking for me. I burned toast for breakfast. No, I charred it.

-My BG is really boring. I suppose it’s good news for me?

-I quickly realized that “pre-blousing” is the ONLY way to go. I need to figure out carbs, check BG and only then prepare and handle food.

-It is so damn inconvenient and annoying to have to check BG before I eat anything. I miss being able to just grab food and shove it in my mouth.

-I totally “over-bloused” myself for dinner. I thought I would eat rice and Kind Bar for dinner. However, after finishing rice I realized I was no longer hungry and did not want to eat the bar. It paralyzed me. If I had T1D for real I would have to eat something to make up for the carbs. I did nothing. Later in the evening I was a little hungry and wanted to finally eat that bar but did not know if I should just eat it because I already “bolused” for it or if I should check BG first. I ended up doing nothing. I get an F for my diabetes management today.

-Yes, I find checking BG inconvenient enough that I will skip eating just so I don’t have to do it.

-The cheapo give-away lancet device I am using does not have a function to eject the lancet. Eff it, I will use the same lancet all day long. Which I should not do because I’m on V’s case to change lancets every time, but I think that lack of ejection function is enough of a mitigating circumstance.



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