Holiday Wish List, T1D and GF Style

Holiday season is upon us. Our kids are writing letters to Santa (yes, even our 9-year-old still believes in Santa). This got me thinking about wish lists and how a wish list of a T1D parents may look different form other people’s list. Now, I’m not talking about the sentimental “All I want for Christmas is a cure” types of wish lists. If we were to make a real wish list, what would we ask for? Let’s see…

Regular people may wish for Amazon gift cards. We would die for CVS gift cards. We spend so damn much $$$ at CVS on insulin and a myriad of diabetes supplies.

Regular people may wish for restaurant gift cards. We do dine out but we would rather get Whole Foods gift cards. Those healthy diabetes-friendly foods, especially gluten-free foods, cost an arm and a leg. If we could have a shopping spree at Whole Foods it would be so much fun.

Regular people may wish for a new phone. Eh. We want a used iPhone please so that we could use it with Dexcom Share and activate a phone line for V. A new phone is just too much fuss but a gently used iPhone 5 of any variety would do the job nicely. Alternatively, a gently used Android phone may be good as well for a DIY CGM in the cloud rig. See more about that below.

Regular people may wish for FitBit. I understand it can track your sleep patterns. Why on earth would we want a device to remind us how often we have to wake up at night? Give us a Pebble watch please! As I mentioned, there is a DIY rig out there, called Nightscout, that we could set up and then use Pebble watches to monitor V’s BG remotely.

Regular people may ask for a Coach Purse. Pfffft! What we would love is a stylish, comfortable, extremely durable, gender neutral backpack that is just the right size to fit all the Diabetes supplies. It would not be too small or too big, and it has to be adjustable so that it could be comfortably worn by V or by us. Now, go find that, I challenge you!

Regular people may ask for fine chocolates. We would ask for a supply of glucose tabs. Except right now we are well stocked on glucose tabs, so maybe we’ll settle for fine chocolates for the time being.

Regular people may ask for fun electronic toys. Us, not so much. Please give us all the AAA batteries that we’ll use for the pump and hold the toys. We have too many electronic gadgets already. Except for an artificial pancreas, of course. That, we want yesterday!


Regular people may ask for video games. Ain’t no one got time for that! We’d like another bike. Bikes are one of our favorite ways to manage BG! Yes, I fully recognize that we already have a bike problem in our family. We have four people and 6 bikes. Kids alone have 5 bikes between the two of them. But see, I don’t have one of my own. I’d love to get a Beach Cruiser so that when we go on family rides I don’t have to rent one. With the basket please, so that we can dump all diabetes supplies and snacks there. Any color will do.

Regular people may ask for fine jewelry. We would prefer a stylish Medical Alert bracelet for V. Or I will happily accept a Diabetes Awareness necklace, such as this one.

And then there is wine and coffee. You cannot go wrong with those. When it comes to wine and coffee, we are just like all other regular people. Except maybe we need it even more than regular people.


2 responses to “Holiday Wish List, T1D and GF Style

  1. I know how it is to be a Dmama as I am one myself.
    As I was reading your christmas wish list I came across that blue circle necklace from D MamaOwl boutique…well guess what? Wish granted! I am D MamaOwl!!! I may not be able to make all your wishes come true but I can certainly add a little joy into your D life. So contact me in private either on this link or that one I will be very happy to connect with you! 😉



    • Wow. Hi D Mama Owl! Thank you so much for your comment and for your gracious offer! Your jewelry is beautiful. I will message you shortly, when I have a break at work later today. And thank you so much for reading my blog. It sucks that you and I are in this D club together, but I have met some amazing and wonderful people because of Victoria’s T1D that otherwise I would have never crossed paths with.


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