More reasons to love In-N-Out

V mentioned to me several times how much she missed being able to eat french fries in restaurants. Most restaurants do not have a dedicated frier and their french fries are, therefore, not GF. I had been wondering about In-N-Out, thinking that maybe their fries are OK since they use fresh potatoes don’t fry anything else. Then a couple of days ago we needed to grab a quick post-endo celebratory bite, after learning that V’s latest A1C was 7.0. She had to go back to school for a dance performance, so we had very limited time. While we were waiting for something at the office, I decided to do some research on my phone and see once and for all if In-N-Out was an option. And I stumbled across this post that 1) confirmed that it was easy to order GF at In-N-Out and 2) that they have an allergy button. Allergy button? Hmm…

As a sidebar, Celiac is not an allergy.  There are times – many times – when I make the point of explaining to others the difference between Celiac, wheat allergy and gluten sensitivity. They are not the same and I think it is important for people to understand it. However, in cases like this I let it go. There is a time to educate and there is a time to order a meal with as little fuss as possible.

Off we went to In-N-Out, with high hopes. When I went to order, I could not muster the courage to ask them to press an allergy button. As much awareness as there is nowadays, you still never know if people will stare at you like you are crazy, or have an understanding of what you are talking about. But I did tell the clerk that my child had a gluten allergy. And he nodded and waited for me to proceed with the order. That was an encouraging sign, he was not acting like I suddenly sprouted two heads or was asking for something unreasonable or unknown to him. I ordered V’s cheeseburger protein style, and my burger with the bun. When the order came out, V’s GF food was in a separate tray from mine, so clearly they took notice of my allergy mention and were mindful of cross-contamination. And then I looked closely at receipt.


Gluten allergy is clearly written on the receipt and what I ordered for V is marked with the asterisks. Thank you In-N-Out! We have even more reasons to love you now.


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