Sometimes GF gets old.

V’s transition to GF diet was pretty easy. Because my Dad has Celiac, we were already very familiar with it as well as with many GF options, and also saw it as part of the “normal” spectrum, if you will. It’s a good time to have Celiac, compared to even just a few years ago.

And yet I will use this space today to complain. It gets old when we constantly have to substitute things. V has a classroom party coming up. It’s a pizza party. We need to provide a GF pizza or some other food for her. We received the camp information for the Diabetes camp. They provide AM and PM snacks. Except V won’t be able to eat 75% of them, so we will have to send her snacks as well. When she does an overnight camp next year, we will have to review the menu and substitute GF products. When we go out to eat, one of our main concerns is having real GF options. (By real I mean a variety of real food, not a bunch of subtractions from a regular menu. If a restaurant claims they have a GF menu, but when you look closely it amounts to “order burger without a bun, salad without dressing or croutons, and Mac and Cheese without macaroni”, what kind of GF menu is it? OK I totally made up the Mac and Cheese example, but you get the point.)

Anyhow, I digress. It’s easy at home because we only cook GF meals. We have regular bread, cereal and a couple of snack items but everything else is pretty much GF. If it weren’t so pricey we would have a 100% GF household at home. But once we step out, it’s constant vigilance, label-reading, question-asking, accommodations, substitutions, and the like.

And then there’s feeling bad. We have amazingly supportive friends who understand V’s needs and always make accommodations. When we have a potluck, even though I always make a point of saying that I will bring GF options for V our friends always make a point to go out of their way and provide GF options. And often they add a carb count to boot. We are hugely appreciative and at the same time I sometimes feel really bad that they have to jump through hoops for us.

Sometimes I long for the simple times when we can grab whatever on the go, eat at any restaurant, and not have make special preparations for every outing and party. Granted, having to accommodate V’s GF diet and be mindful of carbs helped us all eat a lot better. But for once it would be really nice to not worry about any of it.


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