Diabetes management during illness

V has a cold. Nothing serious, just some sore throat and congestion. Normally it would not be a big deal. However, we end up having a coupe of days like this:


This is Dexcom telling us that BG is over 400 (it does not produce readings over 400) and rising rapidly. And this is all despite increasing her basal rate, checking BG frequently and giving her a lot of insulin. Unfortunately, with Diabetes even a simple illness can wreak havoc with BG and it can be very difficult to manage. It is a combination of the stress of illness on the body, inactivity, and who knows what else. V did OK, she felt more or less unaffected by high blood sugar, did not have ketones, and we did manage to bring it down into a good range by dinner time of the second day. We are lucky. So far V has not been prone to developing ketones when she’s ill, and she has been able to stay well-hydrated. Other kids can get very, very ill as a result of something minor. They can become dehydrated, or/and quickly go into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis), and may need to be hospitalized. It took us two days to get BG readings into a reasonable range, despite having all this technology at our disposal. And still we do not have a guarantee of how the rest of the night and tomorrow will go. Diabetes management during illness is almost an oxymoron.

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