It’s a math test, no it’s a science test, no it’s a camp form!

Do your kids go to camp? I imagine there is all kinds of paperwork to fill out. I sat down to fill out paperwork for V’s Diabetes Camp. I was plugging along just fine, writing down contact info, emergency info, doctors’ names and phone numbers. And then got to this form, asking me to fill out all the info on the pump.


Instantly I felt like I just started a final exam. I was staring at the questions, my mind going blank, feeling like I had no idea what they were asking me. But it’s something I should know, right? Looking at it again, they did look familiar. So I must know it. I re-read the questions and things started to come back little by little. Just like on a test, I deployed the true and tested strategy of finding a question I could answer right away. When are boluses given? I know this! ALL the time. Easy. Next: BG target. Shoot, I should know it. I think I know it? It’s 130 during the day and 150 at night, right? Have to double check but let’s move on and see if there is an easier question. Next: Correction bolus. *&^%$#@! Do not remember the numbers, have to come back to it later. Next: insulin action time. I KNOW this one too – 3 hrs. Yeah, another easy question! Next: Carb ratio. Here’s another one I should know but do not have memorized. Will come back to it later. Basal rates – HA! These I can recite with ease, anytime, anyplace.

After answering the questions I knew, I got the paperwork from our last Endo appointments and filled in the rest of the numbers. I am pretty sure that at the end I aced the test. Success!


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