T1D Anniversary

Or Diaversary, as they say in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).


I am no artist but I felt this was a decent way to commemorate the milestone.

At this time last year we were in the hospital. What started out as a routine well-child visit with the Pediatrician ended up an inpatient hospitalization. A full year of living with T1D… Also at about this time last year we learned that V’s initial Celiac screening came back highly indicative of the diagnosis. We didn’t even know they ran the panel but turns out that they now do it automatically with all newly diagnosed T1Ds.

I thought I would have so much to write in my reflections of the past year. Yet here I am sitting in front of the computer, my mind going blank, feeling tired. It was a busy day today. I drove kids to and from school, then took them to piano, then to the dentist for semi-annual cleaning and check-up, and then to gymnastics. We were going to get GF cupcakes for dessert but didn’t get our act together in time to swing by Trader Joe’s to pick them up. So we had ice-cream instead, complete with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. In almost every way today was just like any other day. After a year of living the T1D and gluten-free life, it feels “normal” and OK. Our lives are full of finger poking, carb counting, speaking in code (such as “bolus for 48 and extend 50-50 over 3 hours), numbers, numbers and more numbers, reading labels, finding alternatives. And at the same time our lives are full of just life.

I wasn’t sure how I’d handle today. I thought that maybe I’d lose it a little. But it ended up being way too normal of a day after all. V was downright happy to celebrate her anniversary. That is, until she learned at the dental appointment that she has a cavity that needs to be filled – her first one. She spent a few hours in the afternoon crying on and off, upset and fearful. She said she prefers Diabetes to cavities. Go figure!


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