A finger prick for a peace of mind

Once you have one child with T1D, you can’t help but be hyper vigilant about signs of Diabetes in another child. We know quite a few families who “won” the lottery and have multiple kids with T1D.

Our 6-year-old son has been eating a lot lately. And he’s been really hungry and sometimes rather tired. He hasn’t been drinking much. But last week when he weighed at the doctor’s office, the scale told us he was about 1/2 lbs lighter than a few months ago. And he’s been rather moody lately. I’ve been thinking about testing his BG but would shrug it off time and again. “He’s fine. He’s growing. I’d know if something was wrong.” But didn’t I say the same things to myself as I observed clear Diabetes signs in my daughter?

Today, after another episode of “hangry” (hunger induced anger), I could not wait any more and asked him to check his BG before lunch. Bad timing. He FREAKED.OUT. He cried and screamed and ran away upstairs. And V became very, very upset. “I don’t want him to be traumatized? Please don’t test it.” We had to abort the mission but I was determined to try again. Before bedtime, I was able to talk to him calmly. Please, can we do it just once? We just want to make sure everything is OK. I will give you a quarter!” He was afraid, did not want to do it. I offered to test myself first and he finally relented. I made him pinky promise me that he’d let me test him after I poked myself. I go first. Prick the finger, squeeze a drop of blood, wait a few seconds. 93. I pass with flying colors. Now it’s his turn. Prick the finger. He hates it, says it hurts. Squeeze a drop of blood, hold my breath for a few seconds. 97. I could have cried from relief and I am breathing again. He is still upset and complaining how it hurts. We hug him but also remind him that his sister does it every day, sometimes over 10 times a day, and she never complains.

I don’t believe in living in fear. Day to day, I refuse to live in fear, but once in a while we have to face it. I hope that tonight’s finger prick was the first and the last one for our son.

And now I’m off to check on V’s BG while she sleeps. That bugger was at 300 nearly an hour ago…

One response to “A finger prick for a peace of mind

  1. I have a friend whose son was diagnosed at around age 7, and I remember her telling me that for a while she would test his younger sister during the night, while she was asleep. For peace of mind. Glad that it sounds like Andrew is just having some growing pains. 🙂


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