In appreciation of our school nurse

This is teacher’s appreciation week, and I finally got around to writing a letter to the principal and the superintendent about our wonderful nurse. Then after I sent it someone told me it’s also National Nurses Week. How timely! The letter is below, with some identifiable information redacted due to public nature of this blog.
Dear Principal and Superintendent:
During this teacher’s appreciation week, I would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful school nurse Lisa. Our daughter V is a 3rd grader at the elementary school. Last May she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Lisa became an invaluable part of our team right away. She called us while we were still at the hospital to provide support, get all necessary information, and prepare for return to school. She provided education to V’s teachers, helped us set everything up at school, and from the first day V returned to school we felt safe and comfortable about her health and well-being there.
Lisa is very informed about Diabetes treatment and is always providing excellent care for V. However, Lisa she does so much more than checking out daughter’s blood sugar and administering insulin. She has been coordinating care with V’s doctors, educating and supporting teachers and staff, advocating for our entire family, and is a compassionate and caring friend and mentor to our daughter.  She goes above and beyond to ensure that V’s time at school is as normal and unaffected by her medical condition as possible. In January of this year V transitioned to an insulin pump, which was something Lisa has not had prior experience with. However, she was determined to learn whatever was necessary to best support our daughter. Remarkably, Lisa came (on her time during school break!) to the training at our house, and then attended pump start appointment with us a week later. When V returned to school after break with her new insulin pump, the transition was smooth and problem-free.
We are deeply appreciative of everything Lisa does for our daughter. We are extremely grateful that V has such amazing care and support at school. Without any doubt it helps her to not only manage her health but also to adapt to many difficulties, changes, restrictions, and social challenges associated with living with Type 1 Diabetes. This in turn translates into academic success and positive experience at school.
Lisa is an asset to the [elementary school] and to the school district and we would love for her to be recognized for the amazing work she does. We are copying this email to [district nurse] and would appreciate your help in directing it to other relevant district personnel.
Thank you,
T1DandGF parents

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