Our date: a story of 8 phone calls and one text

My husband’s Mom is visiting with us and we decided to use the opportunity and go out on a date. You know, this thing parents do occasionally, when they get away from their offspring for a few hours to grab dinner or go to a movie. Being T1D parents makes this a lot harder for many reasons. Nonetheless, with MIL feeling comfortable and eager to babysit, and with V’s knowledge, confidence and ability to take care of herself, we went for it.

Our plan was to grab dinner and then go over to our friend’s for a house concert by a few amazing local musicians.The evening started fairly well. We got to eat and actually chew our food and taste it. We got to not worry about ordering anything gluten-free or estimating the carbs. We got to talk without being interrupted every 2.5 minutes. Glorious. In between dinner and concert we got one phone call regarding our son’s behavior and dealt with it quickly. Easy peasy. Got to our friend’s house, found comfortable seats and started enjoying the concert. And then the real fun started.

I should back track a little bit and say that before we left V was running a little high, around 300. But since she’d gone to her friend’s Birthday lunch earlier, we figured that I must have underestimated the carbs. She got her correction and we assumed that everything would level out soon. Ha! At some point in the evening my husband calls home to check in. V is still running a little high. No problem, she had dinner not long ago, things would work out soon. He calls back a bit later, speaks to his Mom and asks her to have V test and text her BG. Which she does. 458. This is not a typo. And so he begins the in-and-out of the house dance, making follow up calls. Husband calls home again, tells her to wash her hands very well and check again. She does. She is still over 400. This was confirmed by Dexcom, which does not even read beyond 400 and only says HIGH. You can say that again. HIGH. Way too high, way too high to have after a meal that was properly bolused, and way too high almost 3 hrs post-meal. What is going on? Time to trouble shoot. Instruct V to bolus and wait another half hour. BG is not budging. At this point V realized that something is wrong with the cannula, it was no longer inserted properly and looked like it was coming out? It is hard to understand without seeing it but clearly something is not right. The pod got caught a little on something earlier, and then the kids were wrestling. These things happen. We decide that she needs to change the pod. Also my husband’s phone battery decides to die. I take over the phone calls, walking in and out of the house in the middle of the concert. V is not happy about changing the pod, she wants to wait for us to get home. I have to explain to her that no, she cannot wait, this needs to be done now, otherwise she will need to give herself a shot with a syringe. She agrees but is upset and is at the verge of tears. She calls back 10 minutes later, her brother has been bothering her, the pod is still not changed. I talk to him, we carry on. Another five to ten minutes later the pod is finally changed, and now she’s complaining that it was stinging because she did not let the alcohol dry completely on her skin. At least BG is looking a little better. It’s past 9 PM, way past her bedtime, we tell her to finally go to sleep.

We left shortly afterwards. The concert was almost over and by then we were way too stressed to be able to enjoy it anymore. It’s a shame because the musicians were really awesome. On the drive home we talked about the concert for about 30 seconds. Rest of the time was spend discussing what happened with V’s BG today, what could have been done differently, what needs to be done differently in the future. Can we please have a date do-over, without interference from stupid Diabetes? Please? Yeah, right…


P.S. BG improving but still in 300s. It will take a few hours. And all fingers and toes are crossed that she does not crash in the middle of the night.

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