Happy 9th to our T1D!

We survived our first B-day celebration in T1D and gluten-free style as our girl turned 9!

Due to the kids’ activities schedule, we were not going to have a B-day dinner. Instead, V asked if I could make a special breakfast with pancakes. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve made pancakes at home. I usually do not have the time anyway, but we’d typically have a mix from Costco and once in a while I’d make a batch on a Sunday morning. But for T1D and GF pancakes are a double whammy. They are or so carby, and of course making the GF version can be tricky. I used GF flour from Trader Joe’s to make pancakes a couple of times, but even when I followed the recipe they turned into crapes instead. But this time I was determined to make it right. I’ve connected with the woman behind Sustainable Pantry and bought her pancake mix. It was a hit! And they turned out like pancakes, not like crapes. Maybe next time I won’t even burn them 😉


Then we had V’s B-day party. There are so many times nowadays that we have to say no to her. No, you can’t eat that. It has gluten. It has too many carbs. Sometimes we can offer a substitute. Other times we can only offer a hug. I thought that for her party I’d love for her to be able to have anything and everything there. That is how I decided to go fully gluten free. We went with GF sandwiches (using Udi’s and Essential Baking Company breads), fruit and vegetable trays, and water. No juice. No chips. No candy. But yes, cake! Not cupcakes. There are excellent GF cupcakes out there, but it gets old when that is the only GF option you have available at parties. If you ever want to purchase a GF cake at a bakery, prepare to empty your wallet and spend about $70. Nope, can’t do. Fortunately, Betty Crocker makes a really good GF cake mix for about $5 per box. I tried it when I made a cake for V for my son’s birthday back in November. It was good then, but this time it turned out even better. I think I pulled it out of the oven at just the right time. I used instant Jell-o chocolate pudding and heavy whipping cream to make chocolate mouse filling. I really wish there was a better option for instant pudding. I don’t have time or skill to make filling from scratch, and I like the instant pudding version because it is lower in carbs and sugar compared to some other filling and icing versions. Unfortunately, Jell-o ingredients are all artificial chemicals with preservatives and coloring. It makes me cringe. But once or twice a year I will suck it up and make my girl a “real” cake. Not just a real cake, a damn good tasting real cake. It was about 470g carbs for each cake. Cut up into 12 slices it was about 40g carbs per slice. Not too bad, especially considering that one GF cupcake is around 50g of carbs.


I can’t say that all kids loved GF sandwiches but it is understandable and no one complained. I can say that everyone loved the cake. I almost wish I made three, to have some leftovers for us.

And then we had to deal with V’s pod. Mere 15 minutes into the party, it got caught on a slide and began to come off of the tape, while the tape itself was still firmly attached to her body and the cannula still in place. V really did not want to change the pod, nor did we want to waste the left over insulin in it. My friend saved the day – she had medical tape in her car’s First Aid kit. After quick McGyvering, V was ready to get back to playing! And we learned a good lesson: don’t leave home without medical tape.


Happy Birthday to our favorite 9-year-old! We don’t know what she wished for, but we hope that it was not related to T1D or Celiac, that she was unburdened from these conditions at least for that moment. We love you V, and we wish for a cure in your lifetime. Sooner than later, please.


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