Adventures in nighttime Diabetes management

V’s Dexcom CGM high alert is set to 300. We want to be aware when BG goes above 250 to be proactive in treating highs, troubleshoot, etc. Last night I wake up from the sound of the high alarm. I stay in bed for a few seconds, processing. Was it real? It sounded real. Whatever I was dreaming about was completely unrelated to T1D, or to V, or to anything else. So it had to be real… As I am getting out of bed, my husband stirs and asks me to check on V. He says he bloused her about 20 minutes prior, she was around 200. As I walk down the hallway I am worried – if she went from 200 to 300 in a matter of 20 minutes, it’s a sure sign of pump failure that would require a pod change and possibly a manual shot in the middle of the night. I get to V’s room and look at Dexcom. 189. No alarm went off. Which can only mean one thing: in the middle of my sleep, my brain inserted a random and very realistic sound of the CGM alarm that woke me up. T1D is pushing me to the new level of crazy. What’s next – outright hallucinations, perhaps?


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