Day 4 of “podding” and muddling through it

We are in the throes of transitioning to the pump. We started officially on Thursday, with fairly good results overall but not without issues. Here’s what’s been happening so far.

The Good

It is so, so easy compared to injections. Check BG, enter the number of carbs, the pump calculates how much insulin V needs, press “confirm” and off you go. Fast, painless, less room for human error/miscalculation. Putting the pod on is pretty straightforward and almost painless. There is a little pinch when the cannula is inserted but it only lasts a second of so. After that V may as well forget she is wearing a device on her. The PDM is easy to use and we are all getting the hang of it. No issues using it as school as well.

The Bad

We had to discard the very first pod we tried to prep at the Endo’s office because it did not beep as it’s supposed to, to indicate that insulin loaded successfully and the pod was priming. (We called Insulet and they will be shipping us a replacement pod.)

We are so, so tired. We have to get up in the middle of the night a few times to check V’s BG. The first night we had some issues with her dropping; had to give her juice 3 times. Turns out the basal rate was entered incorrectly into the pump and she was getting a little too much insulin. The second night was better. But the third night V started to run a little high. Our dutiful Dexcom kept waking us up to tell us she was over 250. (250 is a magic number that requires us to give her a correction if she surpasses it.) But nope, she was not. Close to 250 but not quite. Eventually I turned the High alarm off for the night, but not until it was past 4 AM.

We changed the pod today, as scheduled, and are still struggling with getting BG into a good range. Does she need more basal insulin? Is it another fluke day when things just get crazy without explanation? The good news is that it is a lot easier to do corrections with the pump, and that’s what we’ve been doing. But the fact is, as expected, there will be a lot of tweaking and trial/error going on in the next few weeks until we get everything ironed out. And it is exhausting.

The Ugly

What the heck is up with the DiabetesPartner software? We are having the HARDEST time getting it to work for us. We need it to work, as we are supposed to upload the data from the PDM so that the Endo nurses can review it and tell us what changes to make. But for some reason it’s been one issue or another. John is working on it now, trying to get it to work. It is utterly frustrating. And there is no phone number we could find so far to call tech support. And the worst part is that, after the first month, they charge $4/month for it.

We know it will all be resolved soon, and it’s worth it. At least so far the good far outweighs the issues and inconveniences. We shall see…


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