And so it begins

Today V started a saline trial of the Omnipod. The nurse came to our home and trained us on using the pump, we went through a few potential scenarios we will likely run into, and then the first pod with a saline solution (instead of actual insulin) went on. For the next few days we get to practice with it so that when we go “live” on Thursday we have a better idea of what we are doing. It’s not really that complicated and we are thrilled. But… This means another transition.

Take the following, for example. After activating the pod, it was lunchtime for V. I calculated the carbs and she inputed the info into the pump and administered her bolus. And we almost forgot to give her real insulin before she started eating. This could have been a big fat oops.

Everything is new again, and it is not. The pump will work as a glucometer. But we are not really using it yet that way. For the next couple of days we will continue to use our old one and manually input BG numbers into the pump. Or maybe we will do both? V will have to take the pump everywhere with her. We are little paranoid about her losing it, as it is not attached to her body with a tube like all other pumps. We will have to get used to putting it into her backpack every school morning, then transferring it into her diabetes kit after school if going somewhere. And we will have to have a back up plan of what to do if the pump or a pod malfunctions, which will definitely happen at some point. Then of course there are many really cool functions on the pump itself that we are dying to start using, and it is fairly straightforward, but there is a learning curve of course. Breathe…breathe…

Today I realized how far we have come since V’s diagnosis 8 months ago. We’ve gotten into our routine, found a comfort zone, found our groove. And now we have to bust through our comfort zone and into an uncharted territory. Again. We are ready and it will be good. Great, possibly. But change and transition sucks.


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