It’s been that kind of day…

V’s BG has been crazy today. Started in low 200s in the morning. Then she was running around and playing, and did not want to eat anything, so naturally she crashed to about 60 before lunch. By the time dinnertime was rolling around she was back up at nearly 300. About an hour after dinner she hit 400 or over. Finally around 9 PM she started dropping and is now at 158. Yesterday we had similar swings. It’s nuts. Her mood has been all over the place too, not surprisingly. And there’s no explanation. We are dosing correctly and counting carbs accurately. She may need a tweaking of her dosages. Or it may just pass. For now we are just keeping track and if we see a pattern for 3 days we will call the Endo to make adjustments. You can never get too comfortable or complacent with T1D. Stability is transient at best.


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