Bread review: The Essential Baking Company


I spotted this new find at Costco a few weeks ago. To my chagrin, I also realized that at least one of the stores stopped carrying Rudi’s bread. I looked at this new bread dismissively and found another Costco that had Rudi’s. But then curiosity won over and I picked up the new bread on my recent visit. After all, all promising GF products deserve a chance, right? I tried it regular and toasted, made a grilled cheese sandwich, and a regular sandwiches for V’s lunch. And I am glad I gave it a chance.

Taste and texture

When they say “super seeded”, they really mean it. There are lots and lots of sunflower and flax seeds. If you don’t like seeds in your bread (or at all), you will not like this bread. Since V and I both happen to like seeds, it tasted good to us.


It’s a little dense like most gluten-free breads, but not noticeably any more than other brands we’ve tried. And here is the major winning point: it is not crumbly. Rudi’s bread tends to fall apart in sandwiches the longer you eat it, and it’s harder for a kid to manage to keep it together. We made a sandwich with mayo, cheese and lettuce in the evening. It sat in the fridge in the lunch bag overnight and then V took it to school. She was pleased to report that it did not fall apart when she tried to eat it.

Nutrition and carb content


Yay for normal, natural ingredients. 5 grams of fiber per slice? Yes please! Carb content is already decent at 15 g per slice, but subtracting the fiber makes it only 10g per slice. Not too high on sugar, and at 2 g of protein per slice this is a true complex carbohydrate.

Cost and accessibility

I’ve seen this bread at two local Costco stores and it is sold as a two-pack for $8. It’s an average price for GF bread and a $1 more than Rudi’s. It is sold in sealed bags and fresh (not frozen or refrigerated). Instructions say to keep it in the fridge after opening but we’ve kept it out in the kitchen for nearly a week now and so far it tastes just fine. Of course the weather has been cooler, so perhaps it will need refrigeration in the warmer months.

Bottom Line

I asked V to give me a full report after she took the first test sandwich to school. She said it was great because “It tasted good, was easy to take out of the bag, it did not fall apart when I ate it, and I got to eat sunflower seeds with my sandwich!” If you like multi-grain breads with seeds, you will probably like this one. If you like a plain textured bread, this bread may not be for you. It gets a thumbs up from us based on good taste and texture, excellent nutritional value and low carb count.

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