World Diabetes Day

November 14th is the World Diabetes Day. I was composing this long post in my head about what T1D means to our daily life, and things I am grateful about. But it’s nearly 9:30 PM, I had a long day and I am too tired to write up a long thoughtful post. And I had to go back through about 10 days of notes on V’s BG levels so that I can record them in the log book. She’s been having some bedtime and lunchtime highs, but she is still working on Halloween candy (which will be tossed by the end of the week), and because of bad allergies or a cold she had been using an asthma inhaler for a few days. So perhaps that explains the highs?

So in a nutshell, T1D means daily work. Finger pricks, insulin shots, carb counting, writing down ALL the things, studying labels, managing appointments, reading articles, correcting misconceptions, reaching yet another level of endocrinology proficiency, coming to terms with the reality of absence of true stability now and in the foreseeable future. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. But we carry on, making it as normal as we can, and V is amazingly knowledgeable about her Diabetes management and continues to show great confidence, resiliency and good spirit. That is something to be grateful for.

Oh, and our new little portable scale arrived. We can now weigh fruit and know the exact carb count. Yay!

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