Our first T1D and gluten-free Halloween

To a kid with T1D and Celiac, Halloween is not the friendliest holiday. You can only eat so much candy. And you have to give yourself insulin to eat any of it. And you have to make sure candy is gluten-free. But I’d be damned if my daughter could not enjoy trick-or-treating. So we armed ourselves with two lists: Carb counts for candy and Gluten-free candy. And then we went out and had fun. Once we got home, we dumped the candy out and sorted everything. One pile was for stuff that I would not allow them to eat anyway (too gross, too hard or chewy for V’s braces, etc. ) or what they did not like. Another pile was for candy that was not gluten-free. We gave most of it away to my parents. The final pile was of approved gluten-free candy. Even before V’s diagnosis, we did not allow the kids to gorge on candy on Halloween. They would have a couple of pieces and call it a day. Thank goodness we practiced this moderation because last night was pretty much just like any other year. V chose a couple of pieces of candy, we figured out the carb count, gave her insulin, and that was that.

Halloween is about so much more than candy. V had so much fun dressing up and running around trick-or-treating with her friends. Fun was had by all. Take that, Diabetes and Celiac!

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