A new find at Trader Joe’s


I don’t know if these beauties are relatively new or if I simply have not noticed them before. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies? Don’t mind if I do! We opened the bag tonight and everyone in the family got to sample it.

Taste: Buttery deliciousness! The first thing I tasted when I took a bite was the taste of butter. It was not overwhelming but definitely noticeable. These cookies taste like the real thing, because they are the real thing, with few basic real ingredients. Everyone loved them. V proclaimed them the best cookies she ever had in her life (probably because it’s been a while since she had “real” cookies). My son gobbled them up. My husband loved the crispy texture and said this is exactly how he likes his cookies. Please note that ingredients include soy, eggs and milk.

Texture/Consistency: Crunchy and crispy. They are a little thinner than regular gluten-free cookies but otherwise you would not be able to tell the difference.

Carbs: One serving is two cookies, for the bargain carb count of 18 g. Not bad at all.

Accessibility and price: Found these in our local Trader Joe’s. I do not know if they are available at other locations. Price is $3.99 for the 7 oz bag containing 14 cookies. Pretty standard for GF faire, though of course expensive compared to regular cookies.

Bottom line: Great in taste, lower in carbs, delightful treat! We will definitely be buying more and I will need to figure out how to keep them away from my husband, who is fast developing a taste for gluten-free food.

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